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On line nuovo aggiornamento 1.1.3 per Roundcube Webmail, che risolve molti minor bug

Abbiamo installato l'aggiornamento che risolve molti minor bug e garantisce la compatibilità con le versioni a monte delle librerie di terza parte utilizzate in Roundcube.


Si riporta di seguito l'elenco delle modifiche introdotte da questo aggiornamento.



  • Fix closing of nested menus (#1490443)
  • Fix so E_DEPRECATED errors from PEAR libs are ignored by error_reporting change (#1490281)
  • Fix compatibility with PHP 5.3 in rcube_ldap class (#1490424)
  • Get rid of Mail_mimeDecode package dependency (#1490416)
  • Fix "Importing..." message does not hide on error (#1490422)
  • Fix SQL error on logout when using session_storage=php (#1490421)
  • Update to jQuery 2.1.4 (#1490406)
  • Fix Compose action in addressbook for results from multiple addressbooks (#1490413)
  • Fix bug where some messages in multi-folder search couldn't be viewed/printed/downloaded (#1490426)
  • Fix unintentional messages list page change on page switch in compose addressbook (#1490427)
  • Fix race-condition in saving user preferences and loading plugin config (#1490431)
  • Fix so plain text signature field uses monospace font (#1490435)
  • Fix so links with href == content aren't added to links list on html to text conversion (#1490434)
  • Fix handling of non-break spaces in html to text conversion (#1490439)
  • Fix multi-folder search result sorting by arrival date (#1490450)
  • Fix so *-request@ addresses in Sender: header are also ignored on reply-all (#1490452)
  • Update to TinyMCE 4.1.10 (#1490405)
  • Fix draft removal after a message is sent and storing sent message is disabled (#1490467)
  • Fix so imap folder attribute comparisons are case-insensitive (#1490466)
  • Fix bug where new messages weren't added to the list in search mode
  • Fix wrong positioning of message list header on page scroll in Webkit browsers (#1490441)
  • Fix error when using back button after sending an email (#1490009)
  • Fix removing signature when switching to identity with an empty sig in HTML mode (#1490470)
  • Disable links list generation on html-to-text conversion of identities or composed message (#1490437)
  • Fix "washing" of style elements wrapped into many lines
  • Fix so input field (e.g. search box) does not loose focus on list load (#1490455)
  • Fix minor XSS issue in drag-n-drop file uploads (#1490530)
ultimo aggiornamento: 23-Feb-2016
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