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On line nuovo aggiornamento 1.1.5 per Roundcube Webmail, che fornisce importanti bug fix

Abbiamo installato l'aggiornamento alla versione considerata stabile 1.1.5, che fornisce importanti risoluzioni a bug ed aiuta la protezione contro attacchi XSS e CRFS. Inlcude inoltre


Si riporta di seguito l'elenco delle modifiche introdotte da questo aggiornamento.    

  • Plugin API: Added html2text hook
  • Plugin API: Added addressbook_export hook
  • Fix missing emoticons on html-to-text conversion
  • Fix random "access to this resource is secured against CSRF" message at logout (#4956)
  • Fix missing language name in "Add to Dictionary" request in HTML mode (#4951)
  • Enable use of TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 for IMAP (#4955)
  • Fix XSS issue in SVG images handling (#4949)
  • Fix (again) security issue in DBMail driver of password plugin (CVE-2015-2181) (#4958)
  • Fix bug in long recipients list parsing for cases where recipient name contained @-char (#4964)
  • Fix additional_message_headers plugin compatibility with Mail_Mime >= 1.9 (#4966)
  • Hide DSN option in Preferences when smtp_server is not used (#4967)
  • Protect download urls against CSRF using unique request tokens (#4957)
  • newmail_notifier Plugin: Refactored desktop notifications
  • Fix so contactlist_fields option can be set via config file
  • Fix so SPECIAL-USE assignments are forced only until user sets special folders (#4782)
  • Fix performance in reverting order of THREAD result
  • Fix converting mail addresses with @www. into mailto links (#5197)
ultimo aggiornamento: 03-Ago-2016
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