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On line nuovo aggiornamento 1.1.7 per Roundcube Webmail, che fornisce importanti bug fix

Abbiamo installato l'aggiornamento alla versione considerata stabile 1.1.6 e 1.1.7, che fornisce importanti risoluzioni a bug.

Si riporta di seguito l'elenco delle modifiche introdotte da questo aggiornamento.


- Fix vulnerability in handling of mail()'s 5th argument

- Searching in both contacts and groups when LDAP addressbook with group_filters option is used
- Use contact_search_name format in popup on results in compose contacts search
- Fix missing localization of HTML editor when assets_dir != INSTALL_PATH
- Fix handling of blockquote tags with mixed case on html2text conversion (#5363)
- Fix message list multi-select/deselect issue (#5219)
- Fix bug where contact search menu fields where always unchecked in Larry skin
- Fix XSS issue in href attribute on area tag (#5240)
- Fix bug where message list columns could be in wrong order after column drag-n-drop and list sorting
- Don't create multipart/alternative messages with empty text/plain part (#5283)
- Wash position:fixed style in HTML mail for better security (#5264)
- Fix error causing empty INBOX listing in Firefox when using an URL with user:password specified (#5400)

ultimo aggiornamento: 12-Dic-2016
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